Opinions on the BOT architecture

I’m curious what people think about the BOT architecture LightTable uses. I have been looking at the source code on and off and wondering if the BOT is appropriate for other similar UI applications that seek to be extensible.

Some of the goals BOT sought to achieve in LT, according to http://lighttable.com/2013/01/24/the-ide-as-data/

  • Runtime modifiability
  • High contextuality
  • Infinitely customizable

To what extend does BOT achieve these?

It seems like BOT was never assessed after it’s initial announcement and I’m curious if there were any lessons learned from the usage of it in Lighttable’s development. LightTable is so closely coupled to BOT that an effort to revive LT should come with an implicit endorsement of BOT.

Is it the case the people that have worked on LT or plugins for it have found BOT useful? What are it’s pros and cons. Any general thoughts on BOT?