Lighttable users: Introduction

Hi all,

Let’s get this platform rolling. If you’re actively using LT, please introduce yourself and provide some details on why you love it. Just a friendly way to get started.

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Hey all,

I’m not currently using LT, but I’m interested in the code bubble feature. If I can get that rolling I’ll use LT full time.



Also not currently using LT, but used it for 4 years before switching to Atom at a new job. Favorite things were instarepl and the entity component behaviors system. Also the codemirror syntax highlighting system, wherein you define a custom tokenizer in js, is a lot easier to work with than textmate regexes(but presumably slower?)

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Hello everybody!

I’ve been using LT to learn Clojure. I found it approachable, and it helped me get going quickly.

@prertik I was surprised to see your post on the LT blog! How’s the ClojureScript update going?

I want to help bring about LT’s original vision :slight_smile:

Hi, @gabrielbusta.

Yeah, I had originally planned to complete the update by May but, I got side-tracked by job interviews and stuff. I recently started a job and am having hard time managing time. But, on bright side, I will get some time to work on LT from june.

Regarding the ClojureScript update, I noticed previously that, there were some minor breakage which needs to be fixed. I’ll pinpoint these breakage sometime later(if I don’t get enough time to fix it so that, other contributors can pick it up.)

Yeah, let’s work on the original vision. :slight_smile: Do you have any particular thing you want to work on? I’ll be happy to help.

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As for me, well, I have been an editor nut, I have tried most of the editors and have some fascination to editors. So, by default, when I saw LT, pre VSCode era, boy oh boy, I was blown, it was like Emacs, yet modern. (When I say like Emacs, I mean of-course the IDE-like feature that Emacs can be made into.)

But, I wasn’t ready to switch to LT right away because I was comfortable with Emacs. Some years later, I was teaching a friend Clojure and had to advice him an editor for writing Clojure, I stumbled again on LT. And that was it. That did it.

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Hi. I use lighttable because of the shortcut ctrl+enter to execute a html page. This makes web programming a lot easier. My name is Augusto and I am a student of programming.


@prertik I would be happy to pick up some of these issues once you pinpoint them (if you still need a hand). I want to pick up a feature too. Let me know how I can help.