Lighttable users: Introduction

Hi all,

Let’s get this platform rolling. If you’re actively using LT, please introduce yourself and provide some details on why you love it. Just a friendly way to get started.

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Hey all,

I’m not currently using LT, but I’m interested in the code bubble feature. If I can get that rolling I’ll use LT full time.



Also not currently using LT, but used it for 4 years before switching to Atom at a new job. Favorite things were instarepl and the entity component behaviors system. Also the codemirror syntax highlighting system, wherein you define a custom tokenizer in js, is a lot easier to work with than textmate regexes(but presumably slower?)

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Hello everybody!

I’ve been using LT to learn Clojure. I found it approachable, and it helped me get going quickly.

@prertik I was surprised to see your post on the LT blog! How’s the ClojureScript update going?

I want to help bring about LT’s original vision :slight_smile:

Hi, @gabrielbusta.

Yeah, I had originally planned to complete the update by May but, I got side-tracked by job interviews and stuff. I recently started a job and am having hard time managing time. But, on bright side, I will get some time to work on LT from june.

Regarding the ClojureScript update, I noticed previously that, there were some minor breakage which needs to be fixed. I’ll pinpoint these breakage sometime later(if I don’t get enough time to fix it so that, other contributors can pick it up.)

Yeah, let’s work on the original vision. :slight_smile: Do you have any particular thing you want to work on? I’ll be happy to help.

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As for me, well, I have been an editor nut, I have tried most of the editors and have some fascination to editors. So, by default, when I saw LT, pre VSCode era, boy oh boy, I was blown, it was like Emacs, yet modern. (When I say like Emacs, I mean of-course the IDE-like feature that Emacs can be made into.)

But, I wasn’t ready to switch to LT right away because I was comfortable with Emacs. Some years later, I was teaching a friend Clojure and had to advice him an editor for writing Clojure, I stumbled again on LT. And that was it. That did it.

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Hi. I use lighttable because of the shortcut ctrl+enter to execute a html page. This makes web programming a lot easier. My name is Augusto and I am a student of programming.


@prertik I would be happy to pick up some of these issues once you pinpoint them (if you still need a hand). I want to pick up a feature too. Let me know how I can help.

Hi all!

I’m very fond of the ideas of inline eval and things like editing separate methods in separate “Bubbles”. I like the idea of an in-IDE browser, but that’ s not the first time I encounter it. Also, the GUI looks decent. I’ve tries quite some. Despite not being a heavy user of IDEs in general, I get irritated quickly but bad interaction design.

I just downloaded LT yesterday and so far I haven’t really got a sense of what the community is like. Is the subreddit part of the initiative or is it something some random guy made? Also, what’s the best place to ask easy questions?

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Hello! I have used LT in the past. I love the overall concept, the instarepl, the command palette. I drifted away from it when development seemed to come to halt, but I’ve never found anything for clojure that I like as much. So, I’ve kept tabs on the site. I’m hopeful that it will be resurrected!

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@gabrielbusta, I’ll notify you when we fix all bottlenecks.